Unleash your power anytime, at your own pace

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A self-paced bootcamp where practical techniques for the 3D human experience meet mystical concepts to assist you through your ascension

What you’ll learn:

Module 1: Quiet Your Thoughts (45 minutes)

Learn how to stop negative thoughts from getting in the way of a fulfilling life

Module 2: Alleviate Your Emotions (30 minutes)

Significantly decrease the impact of your painful emotions

Module 3: Master the Mechanics of Mindfulness (25 minutes)

Walk the talk and develop the skills to achieve mindfulness

Module 4: Align with Your Authentic Self (60 minutes)

Find who you really are through an enlightening, empowering, and FUN exercise

Module 5: Bring Forth Light from the Darkness (30 minutes)

Use difficult situations for your benefit

Module 6: Flow with Ease (40 minutes)

Choose the life you want and flow into it with ease.

At the end of the bootcamp, you'll receive the

Ultimate Formula for Letting Go & Finding Flow

What's included:

- Access to the course for one year
- A beautiful workbook for future reference (print or fill out electronically)
- Access to a resources page for members only
- An invitation to a bootcamp members group where you can connect with other like-minded women
- MP3's of each module to refresh yourself while you're on the go
- A FREE month of The Ascension Collective

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