This is a self-paced bootcamp that guides you to let go of what isn't working for you, and to flow into the life of your dreams

(with practical techniques and some "woo" thrown in!)

What you’ll learn:

Module 1: Quiet Your Thoughts (45 minutes)

Learn how to stop negative thoughts from getting in the way of a fulfilling life

Module 2: Alleviate Your Emotions (30 minutes)

Significantly decrease the impact of your painful emotions

Module 3: Master the Mechanics of Mindfulness (25 minutes)

Walk the talk and develop the skills to achieve mindfulness

Module 4: Align with Your Authentic Self (60 minutes)

Find who you really are through an enlightening, empowering, and FUN exercise

Module 5: Bring Forth Light from the Darkness (30 minutes)

Use difficult situations for your benefit

Module 6: Flow with Ease (40 minutes)

Choose the life you want and flow into it with ease.

At the end of the bootcamp, you'll receive the

Ultimate Formula for Letting Go & Finding Flow

What's included:

  • A beautiful workbook for future reference (print or fill out electronically)
  • Access to a resources page for members only
  • An invitation to a bootcamp members group where you can connect with other like-minded women
  • A special gift sent to your inbox at the end of the course

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